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About Mass Effect and how I eventually played it (SPOILERS AHEAD)

This post is about a game. A game trilogy, actually. The best game trilogy, if you’d ask me. I’ve been wanting to play Mass Effect since it first came out, in 2007. But back then, I didn’t have the computer for it. Years went by, and Mass Effect 2 and 3 were released. There was a big fuss (the negative type of fuss) about the Mass Effect 3’s ending, but I chose to ignore it, and played the games anyway.
You are (control) Commander Shepard, soldier of the Alliance, human species. You can choose from a variety of skills, customize your history and your looks. My female Shepard was a red-head with green eyes and long eyelashes. I found her pretty and kept the looks through the whole 3 games. One of the best things in these games was the fact that you could import your character from one game to another. That way you had your own story, with your own choices reflected throughout the story. Needless to say, I chose „the light side” – Paragon, and always made the choices that made me a better person, and killed someone only if there was no other option.
I want to say I completely fell in love with the game. By the end of the 2nd part, I was desperate not to let any of my crew die (yeah, you can lose your own people if you don’t play right), not to mention the fact that you can die yourself in the end, leaving you with no character to import for the 3rd part. It’s not a mission failed, it’s a true possible ending of the story.
The story is based somewhere in the future, after the human race has discovered more advanced technology, thanks to an ancient artifact found on Mars. It is a science fiction game, and I had my reserves thinking that maybe it wasn’t for me.
But I loved it. There are no words to describe how this game has fascinated me. And how, the bad ending seems, after doing some reading and seeing that I was not the only one that thought some things were strange, a bit genius. The plot, is, in a few words, the war between organics and synthetics. Synthetics alive for millions of years, that wiped out hundreds of civilizations and harvested them to create their own species. They are called the Reapers. And are enormous machines, capable of mass destruction. An entire fleet was needed to kill just one. The whole galaxy seems doomed. Not only that, but they have the power to „indoctrinate” you, and can change millions of species into some kind of zombies, set to kill all organics and nothing else. Or they can manipulate you into doing things that you wouldn’t do in the right state of mind.
And that’s when you come in. A human, that supposedly can stop the invasion and save the world. The problem is that actually don’t it. Because the ending (spoiler alert!) puts you in front of 3 choices, somewhere near the Crucible, the ultimate weapon built to stop the Reapers. The choice you make influences the way the weapon is used. You choose the right one (and have enough war points to survive – which I didn’t, because you have to play some multiplayer quests too, thing I wasn’t able to do…for very good reasons of course :D), you get another 5 seconds of Commander Shepard breathing again. You don’t, and you die. Indoctrinated, you let the synthetics fool you into making the wrong choice, believing that is the right one. Funny story, cause they actually fool you. All the small signs along the way, the child from your dream, it all adds up. Although you have a strong willpower, the Reapers fight your mind and try to control you. The thing is, they actually indoctrinate YOU, the player. You believe you are doing the right choice, and yet you aren’t.
Now, the bad ending plays as it follows: you choose to destroy the Reapers, no matter what (they fool you in thinking you can control them, or you can merge synthetics to organics into a new lifeform), and you JUST see Shepard breathing again, wounded. Nothing else. Making you realise that nothing is changed (maybe), and the last scenes were just the final battle between you and the Reapers trying to take control of your mind. The war seems to go on, and the Crucible may or may not have been activated to attack the Reapers. But how will it end?
Bioware stated that there will be an extended cut explaining the ending, as a result of millions of upset fans, that weren’t satisfied with the ending, as it did not have a closure for such an epic story.
Because the journey to the end is fantastic. Trust me 🙂

Below, the best ending for part 2 – which I got right :D. Watch from 2:20 to skip the fight. Note the voice saying „human…you have changed nothing”. Because it’s awesome, that’s why :).

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